Case Studies

Note: All case studies are used with client's permission and major identifying information has been changed to protect their identify, but the treatment I provided and outcomes have not been changed.

"Tammy" is a 28 year old female who was injured at work after falling from machinery that was stacking warehouse materials 20 feet up in the air.  When Tammy started physical therapy to recover from her injuries, she also began to have re-occuring nightmares. The nightmares were so severe that she went multiple nights on end without sleeping at all. Tammy waited weeks to get help and finaly did so at the urging of her doctor who said the sleep disturbances were negatively impacting her ability to recover.  When Tammy contacted me, she was sleep-deprived (having gone 4 days in a row without sleep) and was desperate to the nightmares to end. 

Due to the urgency of her situation, Tammy and I met every-other day for therapy. In the first few sessions, I was able to piece together a history of what happened before, during, and since the accident. Tammy and I determined the nightmares were due to trauma she experienced from the accident. Tammy and I began a series of EMDR sessions specifically geared to address the trauma related to the accident.  After the first session Tammy reported the nightmares decreasing by half.  After the third session, they were completely gone.  Six months later, Tammy reports the nightmares remain completely gone and she has been able to go camping with friends again and do some over-night activities that she had not been able to do since the accident because of the nightmares.  In all, Tammy visited my office 6 times over the course of 2 weeks.  She says 'The treatment I recieved was better than I ever imagined. Don't hesitate on getting help if you feel like you need it like I did.  You will be so happy with all that Marette can do for you!!!' "  


All of Marette's current clients report in 6 visits they felt:

15% positive increase in their individual functioning.

20% positive increase in their interpersonal (family & close relationships) functioning.

22% positive increase in their social (work & friendships) functioning.


On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the Best Possible Score, they reported:

I felt heard, understood, and respected in my session with Marette: 9.77

We worked on and talked about what I wnted to work on and talk about in my session with Marette: 9.67

Marette's approach is a good fit for me. 9.84

Overall, the meeting with Marette was right for me: 9.73

*Data reported as of 7/13/15.